What we do

Hello there, welcome to Viana Inc. We are manufacturers and distributors of area rugs and home accessories. Although our business as Viana Inc. was set up back in 2011 and we operate out of Mississauga, Ontario, our family roots in rug manufacturing and distribution go back 65 years in India.

Our in-house team is responsible for overseeing all our products from conception to delivery. We have a vertically integrated business structure that focuses on providing our clients with quality products at aggressive price points. We take pride in creating innovative designs that are highly fashion forward.

We are a B2B company that sells only to retail stores, designers, online retailers and big box stores.


Our Values

Viana Inc is a highly value driven company. We have a considerably large setup and yet none of our product processing is neglected because we aim to deliver highest quality to our clients. Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority and it is for this reason alone that none of our products go out without passing our strict quality control checks.

Viana Inc. focuses on being an asset to the environment as well. We ensure and take great pride in making sure that all our processes are as environment friendly as they possibly could be. We use eco-friendly chromes dyes in all our products and follow a strict waste management policy. We not only adhere to green practices but are strong supporters of a number of green causes in the country as well.

Viana Inc has a strict policy against child labor. We ensure that our factories do not employ under aged children and have acceptable working conditions.